Ames has once again decided to close the OPD in Delhi due to the severity of the corona

Ames has once again decided to close the OPD in Delhi due to the severity of the corona

AIIMS OPD News: The AIIMS administration has decided to close the OPD again, despite the rapidly growing case of corona.

Ames OPD News: Corona’s devastation is growing rapidly in the country’s capital, Delhi. 4500-5000 new cases are being filed every day. Amid growing destruction of the corona, the Kejriwal government has also imposed a night curfew until April 30. Amid growing corona cases, the AIIMS administration has decided to shut down OPD again. The Delhi AIIMS OPD will be closed from Thursday (April 08). Read more: AIIMS undergoes bypass surgery on President Ramnath Kobind, chest pain a few days ago

The medical superintendent of the AIIMS in Delhi told the Indian Express that walk-in registration would be closed from Thursday. Dr Siddhartha Satpathi, acting medical superintendent of the hospital, said the number of registered patients has been steadily increasing since the arrival of AIIMS in the last few months. He said it wasn’t good to be so crowded after the increase in Corona’s case. He said the administration took the decision after consulting the AIIMS director. Read more – Army Hospital refers AIIMS to President Ramnath Kobind, condition stable

The order issued by the AIIMS administration said, “It has been decided to close walk-in OPDs to reduce the likelihood of a corona epidemic. It also instructed all departments to reduce the number of online registrations and daily limiters. I tell you that in the Corona era. Ames’ OPD services have been shut down several times before. Read more – Land not yet available for Darbhanga Ames, 200 acres required

Please be informed that on Tuesday, 5100 new cases of coronavirus were found in the country’s capital Delhi and 17 more patients died during this time. This is the first time since November 27 that more than 500 cases have been registered in the capital in a single day. Earlier, on November 27, 5462 cases were filed.


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