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After China, there may be a power crisis in India too, the light of your house may be turned off, know the big reason

There may be a power crisis in the country in the coming days due to the shortage of coal and many reasons behind it, know what is the big reason for this

Coal Shortage: After China, in the coming days, situations of severe power crisis can arise in India too. It is being said that the stock of coal is left for only four days. According to the Ministry of Power, the stock of coal in coal-based power generation stations has reduced significantly. According to the information, out of total 135 thermal power plants, 72 have less than three days’ stock of coal left. Whereas there are 50 power plants where there is a stock of coal for four to 10 days. Let us tell you that 70 percent of the electricity generation in the country is done by coal only.Also Read – China gets electric shock, people are forced to live in darkness, the crisis will continue till next year

Know what is the reason for the lack of electricity

According to the information given by the Ministry of Energy, there are many reasons behind the power crisis, the main of which during the Corona period, from office work to other work was being done from home and people used electricity fiercely during this period. The second reason is the target of providing electricity to every household, due to which the demand for electricity has increased significantly compared to earlier. Also Read – Electricity became cheaper by 37 paise per unit in Haryana, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar announced

According to a data of the Ministry of Power, the total consumption of electricity in the month of August-September in 2019 was 10 thousand 660 crore units per month and now this figure has increased to 12 thousand 420 crore units per month in 2021. Also Read – Big news for Delhiites, Kejriwal government will not increase electricity price for next 5 years

Rain has also become a big reason

Due to heavy rains, coal is not able to be extracted due to water in the mines. Officials have said that in power stations where coal stocks are short, production has been reduced so that there is no need to shut down the units completely. Since the demand is not very high right now, the situation is under control. But, the demand for electricity is likely to increase in the festive season starting with Navratri this week. Hence power crisis may arise.

India has huge coal reserves, but it has been badly affected by increasing consumption. Apart from this, India imports coal from countries like Indonesia, Australia and America and now the price of coal has tripled.

Alternative energy options in the country are currently less

Coal plays an important role in meeting energy consumption or demand, and a shortage of coal can have a direct impact on electricity production. Let us tell you that the power crisis due to coal is not only causing problems for India, but China is also getting two or four from it. Alam is that China seems ready to buy it at any cost. Like India, China too is dependent on coal for its energy needs. In these countries the option of alternative energy is less.

Energy expert Narendra Taneta believes that there is no shortage of coal in the country! A major reason for the current problem has come in its mining. Cuckoo management is also a big problem. Apart from this, the old methods of mining, their inability to modernize them has also been a problem. According to him, this problem can be avoided by the management of coal.


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