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Afghan government is confident of defeating Taliban with the help of other countries including India, know the strength of Afghanistan

The Afghan government currently has 162 fighter aircraft and helicopters.

Taliban News: The Afghan government is now ready to defeat the Taliban with air support from India, Russia, Iran and the US as soon as the US forces withdraw from the Hindukush hills. The Afghan government has sought help from India, Russia, Iran and the US to conduct air strikes on the Taliban. With the withdrawal of US forces, the Afghan government is confident that airstrikes can stop the Taliban. However, the Afghans are still facing a lot of difficulty to stop the Taliban.Also Read – Taliban fight intensifies near Kandahar, diplomats – security personnel called from Indian Consulate, local personnel will work

The Afghan government currently has 162 fighter aircraft and helicopters. Its biggest problem is that the US government is not only withdrawing its army from Afghanistan but is also removing 16,000 security contractors. These security contractors are taking care of these airplanes, so that the planes are made ready to fly. Due to this, a large number of Afghan Air Force have to face the shortage of force. In his absence, the Afghan Air Force is proving weak. Also Read – This YouTuber from New Zealand was stopped by the Indian government from entering the country, the wife present in Haryana reached the High Court

According to the report of Politico magazine, the Afghan Air Force has A-29 Super Tucano strike aircraft and AC-208 Combat Caravan aircraft. Both these propeller-driven aircraft can fire laser-guided bombs on Taliban-held ground targets. Also Read – VHP leader said on Bihar minister’s statement, 95% of India’s Muslims have Hindu ancestors

Apart from this, America has supplied new Black Hawk helicopters to the Afghans. The US has sent helicopters since 2014, as it forced Afghans not to buy Russian-made Mi-17 workhorse helicopters.

The Taliban knows very well that Afghan air power can determine victory, defeat or draw. In view of this, Pakistan-backed terrorist groups are killing its pilots to reduce the power of the Afghan Air Force.

In such a situation, Afghanistan is trying to maintain its dominance in the air by seeking help from friendly countries including India, Iran, Russia and the United States.

In an interview with Private TV, Afghanistan’s ambassador to India, Fareed Mamundje, insisted that unless the Afghan government had 15 to 20 Mi-35 helicopters, or 30 to 40 Black Hawks, the Taliban would not be able to build their base. .

“The Taliban have the same equipment, arms and ammunition as we have. Our superiority lies in air support, and we appreciate the support that the United States has promised recently that they will provide us with more air support.”

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