All right in Maharashtra’s MVA government? Now this reaction came from Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut to BJP.

Sanjay Raut on Thursday said that the BJP in Maharashtra has a misconception that it can shake the state’s MVA government by leveling “false allegations” on MLAs and ministers.

Maharashtra Politics: Shiv Sena (Shiv Sena) MP Sanjay Raut (Sanjay Raut) said on Thursday that the Bharatiya Janata Party in Maharashtra (BJP) Has a misconception that he is trying to make ‘false allegations’ against the MLAs and ministers of the state. (MVA) can shake the government. Sanjay Raut (Sanjay Raut) said in a conversation with a news channel in New Delhi that Mahavikas Aghadi (Shiv Sena, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and Congress alliance- MVA) has decided to respond to such gimmicks and ‘reverse it’ to maintain stability in the state. Also Read – Rajasthan government minister said – there is no honest tehsildar in the country, everyone takes bribe

On speculation of differences between the alliance partners in the political circles, the Shiv Sena MP said NCP President Sharad Pawar is a father figure to Maharashtra Chief Minister and Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray. “Delhi was dug up for the Central Vista project, traffic routes were changed, but the BJP should know that the path of the Maharashtra government cannot be changed,” he said. Also Read – Will Shatrughan Sinha Join BJP Again? Know why the question arose and what ‘Bihari Babu’ gave the answer…

It is noteworthy that Maharashtra BJP unit has asked Home Minister Amit Shah. (Amit Shah) By writing a letter to Mumbai sacked policeman Sachin Waje, he has demanded a CBI inquiry into the allegations leveled against Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar and Shiv Sena minister Anil Parab. Against this backdrop, Raut said if the BJP felt that it could destabilize and weaken the MVA with such gimmicks, then “it is thinking wrong”. Also Read – Legal notice to Maneka Gandhi, seeking apology from veterinarian in 3 days, know the matter

“It is impossible to weaken the MVA even by implicating MLAs and ministers in false cases with the help of central investigative agencies,” Raut said. “The MVA has become even stronger after Uddhav Thackeray’s meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” he said. Asked about the meeting between Sharad Pawar and Thackeray earlier this week, Raut said it has been decided that all false allegations will be faced and answered.

Comparing the MVA allies to the ‘Pandavas’, Raut said, “The Pandavas were guided by Lord Krishna and they stood for the truth while the Kauravas resorted to lies and tried to get power by any means.” When asked whether by ‘Kauravas’ he meant the opposition BJP, he said, ‘Kauravas were symbols of lies. I am not calling them Kauravas.

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