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MP News: Corona vaccine or distribution of Prasad, such a stampede to get vaccine, watch video

MP News: A stampede broke out in a village in Madhya Pradesh due to the crowd gathered on vaccination to get the corona vaccine. Officials say that there is enthusiasm among people to take the vaccine, so it happened. Watch the video of stampede

MP News: On one hand, the central government is motivating the countrymen to take the vaccine for protection against the corona virus, while on Friday, many states have said to continue the process of vaccination for a few hours due to lack of vaccine. People are facing many problems due to lack of vaccine, in which a video of Sausar Lodhi Kheda village of Madhya Pradesh is going viral in which a stampede due to the crowd gathered at the vaccination center to get the corona vaccine. And people were seen running here and there, trampling each other. Also Read – Unique theft took place in Madhya Pradesh, the victim pleaded that the drain was stolen, got such an answer….

At a vaccination center located in Lodhi Kheda, Sausar, the crowd became uncontrollable on sight and breaking all the barriers, people forcibly entered the vaccination center by lifting the shutters and a stampede broke out. Many people have got injuries. Also Read – Azgar Ka Operation: Ever seen python’s operation! No? so watch this video

According to the information, on Thursday, a huge crowd had gathered at the vaccination center of village Lodhi Kheda of Sausar development block since morning, but due to the quantity of vaccine, people were being given the vaccine in turn. Suddenly the crowd standing outside the vaccination center became uncontrollable and people started entering the hall forcibly. Because of this, there was an atmosphere of chaos there. Later the administration and police controlled the uncontrollable crowd. Tokens were distributed after explaining to the people and then the vaccination was done smoothly.

District Immunization Officer LN Sahu said that on Thursday, three thousand doses of Kovishield vaccine were given to Sausar block. There was enthusiasm among people to take the vaccine and people did such an act. At the same time, Tehsildar Mahesh Aggarwal said that the area concerned was affected more by the second wave of Corona, due to which people were in a hurry to take the vaccine. In such a situation, the crowd became uncontrolled, which was later handled by the administration and the police.


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