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MP News: A 45-year-old woman was marrying a 15-year-old lover, daughters fiercely created a ruckus, know again …

In Madhya Pradesh, a 45-year-old woman was adamant on marrying her lover 15 years younger than her, but when her daughters fiercely created a ruckus, then refused to marry. Know the whole matter…

MP News: A strange love story has come to the fore in Bhind area of ​​Madhya Pradesh. On the insistence of marrying a lover 15 years younger than her, her daughters turned water on the desire of a 45-year-old woman. The woman has 3 daughters and was adamant on marrying her lover. When the daughters filed a complaint with the police against the insistence of the mother, the woman protested and created a ruckus in the police station. But later, in view of the displeasure of the daughters and their tough stand, on the persuasion of the police, she has postponed the decision to marry her lover.Also Read – Revenge of a lover injured in love, shot dead three people including a girl and committed suicide

In Bhind, the mother of 3 daughters who were adamant to marry a young man 15 years younger than herself, the woman and her lover were counseled at the police station for seven hours. After counseling, the woman says that she will now focus on her daughters. After this decision of the mother, the faces of the daughters blossomed and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Also Read – Mami Se Pyar: Nephew made aunty wife by applying vermilion, discussions about love story, maternal uncle…

According to the information received, on Saturday, the daughters had complained against their mother in the women’s police. In the complaint given to the police, it was told that his mother is going to get married for the 5th. The daughters accused the mother that she had thrown everyone out of the house before getting married. The woman was not ready to keep her daughters with her. Also Read – The quarrel started only after 4 months of marriage, the young man took ‘such a measure’ to stay away from his wife, the police fell behind; Know the whole matter…

The daughters told the police that the mother is 45 years old. She has been living with Mithun Gurjar (30), 15 years younger than herself, for the past one year and Mithun is also beating her for the last few days. After this the daughters came to know that their mother was going to marry Mithun. The daughters said that they tried to persuade their mother a lot, but she was not ready.

The woman also reached the police station on July 8 and complained. After this, the police called the woman, her three daughters and her lover for counseling on July 10. In the police station for about seven hours, the police counseled the woman along with her lover and daughters. The woman was adamant about marrying her lover.

Later, the police explained the woman and her lover for a long time, after which both agreed and refused to marry. The daughters thanked the police after the matter was resolved.


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