World Tourism Day 2020: These Beautiful Songs, This Open Sky… Why World Tourism Day Is Celebrated And Learn This Year’s Theme

World Travel Day: When you are tired of life, go for a walk. Travel travelers will understand very well that walking around is no less than a refreshing health tonic. You not only become physically healthy, you also become mentally strong. There is a connection of positivity between you. Today is a day dedicated to tourism. World Tourism Day. .

Why World Tourism Day is celebrated

Tourism increases employment prospects. World Tourism Day is celebrated with the aim of creating tourism awareness among the people and promoting more and more tourism. Tourism helps to lift the economic situation of any country. The economic condition of some countries depends on tourism. The purpose of Tourism Day is to attract tourists from India and abroad.


What a theme this year

Every year there is a different theme for Tourism Day. The tourism theme of this period is tourism and rural development. It is the employment of youth and people in rural areas. Tourism provides employment to many people. The cultural heritage of any country is also encouraged by tourism.

When did World Tourism Day begin?

World Travel Tourism Day is very special for those people who are associated with tourism. These days, countries, states and other countries do a lot to promote tourism. The World Tourism Society started World Tourism Day in 1970. World Tourism Day was celebrated for the first time on September 27, 1980.


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