World Alzheimer’s Day: Alzheimer’s Patients Growing Out of Loneliness and Negative Thinking

Alzheimer’s disease is more likely to be caused by being alone at home and more stress is placed on the brain due to negative thinking. The disease is more common in the elderly. To stay away from this, everyone should have the habit of being in the environment. People should also be contacted

With aging, all kinds of diseases begin to target our bodies. Alzheimer’s is also a major disease, it is seen in the elderly. The ability to remember decreases with age and things are forgotten. World Alzheimer’s Day is celebrated on September 21 every year to reduce the disease.

Under this, under the ongoing National Dementia Awareness Week from 21st to 2nd September, an awareness campaign will be launched in every district of the state through various programs to identify the disease properly and prevent it.

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Dr. Neeraj Agarwal, a neurologist at Columbia Hospital, says Alzheimer’s disease destroys memory and thinking. Those who suffer from Alzheimer’s during the epidemic are given more care. It is important to remind them to clean their hands, wear masks, and maintain social distance

The epidemic has affected people’s mental health. Because of th is he is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD). This could increase the number of Alzheimer’s patients. There are many strategies like artificial intelligence that can treat Alzheimer’s disease very effectively. The cooperation of family and society is very important in this disease.

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