Turmeric is a more effective study than analgesics for joint pain


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Problems with joint pain? But don’t you want to take more painkillers for fear of kidney or liver damage? Yes, increase the amount of turmeric in the diet. A recent study from the University of Tasmania in Australia called turmeric a cure for osteoarthritis. The ‘curcumin’ present in it can prove to be very effective in reducing the feeling of pain.

According to researchers, turmeric is made by crushing the dried roots of a tree called ‘Karkula Lamba’. The polyphenol ‘curcumin’ found in it is famous for its anti-infective and anti-inflammatory properties. This is why people who regularly eat turmeric not only get rid of the swelling in the joints, but also block the signals to make them feel pain.

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During the study, researchers divided 70 patients with osteoarthritis into two groups. Participants in the first group were prepared with two capsules of turmeric per day. At the same time, after giving the other groups painkillers, they took a simple sweet pill. After 12 weeks, participants in the first group reported greater relief in joint pain than in the other group. He also said to reduce the dose of painkillers.

Researchers claim that there is currently no effective treatment for osteoarthritis other than painkillers. In this case, the doctor may recommend turmeric as the best side-effect-free treatment. A scan of the participants ’joints revealed that the yellow did not change their structure, but reduced the swelling pain signal, thereby reducing the pain sensation. The results of this study have been published in a recent issue of the Annals of the Internal Medical Journal.

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What is osteoarthritis-

Osteoarthritis is a health problem related to cartilage cramps. In this the layer covering the edge of the bone becomes thinner, and the bones begin to thicken. As a result the person suffers unbearable pain in the joints.


Fear statistics

– Worldwide, more than 30.3 million cases of osteoarthritis were reported in 2017.
About 20% of the elderly, aged about 60%, are expected to suffer from this disease.
Osteoarthritis – 33% of the elderly are unable to move.


– In a Mayo Clinic study, yellow tumors were shown to be effective in preventing growth and eradicating cancer cells.
A study by the Center Medical Group found that turmeric was effective in reducing the risk of death from heart attack, preventing blood clots (blood clots).
Research in the Journal of American Geriatric Psychiatry has shown that turmeric is helpful in preventing damage to nervous system cells, weakening memory-reasoning power in late age.

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