The computer will transform the thoughts running in the human mind into pictures

Researchers at the University of Helsinki have made a unique discovery. He has created a computer that is capable of reading the thoughts that go through people’s minds. In the human mind the computer will capture its information in the form of photographs.

As a result of this imagination, computers will be able to easily collect new information. Based on the concept, this computer will create imaginary images of the mind that will match his thoughts. The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Earlier a similar brain-computer interface was capable of one-way communication from brain to computer but based on the novel brain-computer interface this computer will allow two-way communication. It is designed using artificial intelligence methods.

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The researchers described the method as neurodaptive generating modeling. A total of 31 volunteers took part in the study, which assessed computer performance.

When participants evaluated the computer-generated images, they found that they matched the ideas they had. This new strategy has produced results with 83 percent accuracy.

“Our computer can cre ate completely new images that match the user’s intentions,” said Tuka Rutslow, an associate professor at the Finland Research Fellow Academy at the University of Helsinki and the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. It can reveal a person’s subconscious mind.

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One of the benefits of studying can be that it enhances human creativity. If you are unable to put or draw anything on paper, the computer can help you achieve this goal. It can tell you exactly what you want to create.


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