Shatavri For Fertility: If you want to be pregnant in a few days, then eat this powder daily, you can get benefit

Shatavri For Fertility: We are going to tell you about one such herb which can increase your fertility.

Shatavri For Fertility: Due to the poor lifestyle of today, the fertility power of women has started decreasing significantly. There are many women who constantly try for pregnancy but still cannot get pregnant. For this, women take many medicines. In such a situation, there are many home remedies to increase fertility. By adopting these measures, you can increase your fertility. In such a situation, we are going to tell you about such a herb which can increase your fertility.

We are talking about asparagus. It is also known as ‘Shatavar’, ‘Shatavari’, ‘Satavari’, ‘Satmool’ and ‘Satmuli’. Shatavari is used in gynecological diseases like postpartum lack of milk, infertility, abortion etc. It is also beneficial in joint pain and epilepsy. It is also used to increase resistive power. Consumption of Shatavari increases the chances of conception as it balances the irregularities of the menstrual cycle and improves follicular maturity.

How to consume Shatavari

It comes in the form of capsule, liquid or powder but you should not take it without consulting ayurvedic doctor.

Benefits of Asparagus

By using it, the skin becomes shiny. It removes wrinkles. It contains antioxidant glutathione which also protects against acne.

Shatavari also helps in getting rid of the pain caused by migraine.

It is beneficial for those who do not sleep. It removes stress and relieves sleeplessness.

Asparagus is rich in folate. In such a situation, by using it, there is no spinal cord problem in the child and he is also protected from mental problems.


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