Thin or thick? Find out what height men are good fathers, the study reveals

Behavior is the key to strengthen ing any relationship. There is not much effect of height or genes. However, according to a recent study, slightly thicker-bodied men proved to be more advanced fathers. They are judged to have the best parental powers.

According to researchers, such male parents treat children better than thin-skinned fathers. At the same time, in the study, the parental skills of siblings were negatively judged. According to the survey, published in The Times, people evaluate the skills of male parents according to their bodies.

Photos visible to participants –

– More than 800 participants in the study were shown pictures of sleeveless, normal, slightly obese and overweight men. He was then asked on the basis of a better father figure. Participants judged negatively about drunken physical men with their guardian qualities. At the same time, a slightly overweight father was considered an advanced father.

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Don’t force thoughts on kids

Researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi say that in the case of overweight fathers, we believe they do not quickly impose their views on children. So their relationship with the children is very strong. People often give examples of this. However, the study also said that being overweight is not right. It also creates a negative image as a parent.

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