If you want to raise a family, avoid using screens at night, research has suggested


Men trying to build a family should be careful. A new study from Israel claims that the habit of watching TV at night, playing games on a mobile phone or chatting with friends on a laptop can take away the joy of being a parent. This is mainly due to the production and quality of sperm due to the blue light emitted from the screen.

Researchers at Tel Aviv’s Asuta Medical Center collected sperm samples from 116 impotent men at the Sleep and Fatigue Center. These men came in the age group of 21 to 59 years. All participants were asked to complete a questionnaire involving the use of electronic devices and sleep habits.


Researchers have found that excessive use of smartphones, televisions or laptops after the end of the day not only reduces sperm production, but also affects their quality. The ability of sperm to reach and attract swimmers is also reduced.

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According to lead researcher Dr. Amit Green, the blue light emitted from the screen prevents the production of the sleep hormone ‘melatonin’. It keeps a person awake late into the night, as well as increases the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol. Both conditions harm the health of the sperm. Individuals may suffer complaints of decreased arousal.


A recent issue of the Slip Journal suggested reducing the use of screens from the green evening. He further noted that the blue light emitted from the screen could also uncontrollable the division process in the cells. This increases the risk of death from cancer by 50 percent.

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Do not keep mobile in your pocket

– In September 2017, a study by Technion University advised to avoid keeping the smartphone in the pocket of the pants. Researchers claim that the electromagnetic radiation emitted from the phone destroys the sperm. It can make a person complain of being disabled.

Be careful-

– Blue light emitted from mobile-TV screens interferes with the production of ‘melatonin’
– Increases the secretion of stress hormone cortisol which reduces sperm count and quality

Addiction got it wrong –

-More than 55 percent of men sleep with a phone on their head
-Postner spends 02 times more time with gadgets
-25 percent of men sleep on their smartphones instead of their wives
-33% want to overcome phone addiction to improve the relationship
(Source: Assyrian Survey of Tech)

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