If you suffer from obesity, avoid eating with your partner, weight can be reduced up to 3 times

Annoyed by obesity? Have you tried everything from dieting to exercise? If so, encourage your wife to join this weight loss mission. You will be three times more likely to get rid of the fat stored around the abdomen and waist. A recent study by the Netherlands-based Amsterdam University of Floyd Sciences said something like this.

The researchers made some changes to the routine of 624 people who had recovered from a heart attack so that their heart could return to normal. These included regular yoga-spiritual practice and the elimination of healthy foods other than fast food and oily foods, as well as the elimination of cigarette-alcohol consumption. Participants’ husbands were also encouraged to be part of the study.

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The most important thing is the will to quit smoking and alcohol.

After four weeks, the researchers rated the success rate of all participants. During this period, participants who practiced and dieted with a partner lost 2.9 times more weight than the rest. However, spouse support did not prove to be very effective in calming the cigarette-alcohol call. For this, it was more important for the participants to have determination and will power.

Helps to arouse interest in healthy eating.

According to top researcher Lot Vervez, couples generally have similar lifestyles. If a person avoids fast food in such a situation, it is important to follow the same diet as others in order to inspire them to eat nutritious food consisting of fruits-vegetables, milk-yogurt and sprouted grains. The same thing applies with exercise. The results of this study have been published in a recent issue of the European Society of Cardiology.

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