Call if you want to make the relationship stronger, don’t send the message


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After following the rules of social distance for months, people have become completely dependent on technology to stay socially connected. People often consider messages or emails to be the only way to keep in touch with others, but a study by the University of Texas found that making phone calls instead of messages strengthens the emotional connection with each other.

Researcher Amit Kumar said, “In this study we found that people choose to type the message more because they think that talking on the phone can create a strange situation. People feel more connected through voice-based media but they have a surprising fear of speaking which is pushing them towards text-based media. The study was published in the online journal Experimental Psychology.

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Study done this way
During the study, researchers asked 200 people how they felt about connecting with an old friend via mail or phone. The researchers told him to do it. Although participants indicated that any phone call would make them feel more attached, they said they would prefer to email because they felt the calling had put them in a very awkward situation.

Researchers have found that phone calls give better results. Kumar said that when participants were asked about the actual experience, they said that calling an old friend strengthens the relationship between them and also increases sensitivity. He did not feel strange talking on the phone.

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In the second study, participants were asked to connect with strangers through messages, audio calls and video calls. Researchers have found that people feel more connected to strangers when they talk than when they send messages. The researchers challenged the idea of ​​human communication. “We are told to follow social distances, but we need to maintain our social relationships for better health,” Kumar said.

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