Real And Fake Hing: Is the asafetida you are eating adulterated? In this way differentiate between real and fake

Real And Fake Hing: Today we are telling you the difference between real asafoetida and fake asafoetida.

Real And Fake Hing: Asafoetida is used in most of the homes. The taste of food changes by applying the tempering of Asli Or Nakli Hing Ko Is Tarah Pehchane in the vegetable. Along with enhancing the taste of food, asafetida is also very beneficial for health. Many diseases are cured by consuming asafetida. But nowadays fake asafoetida is also sold a lot in the market along with real. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult at times to know whether the asafoetida (Aese Kare asli Or Nakli Hing Main Farak) you are eating is real or fake. In such a situation, asafetida can sometimes harm you. So today we are telling you to differentiate between real asafoetida and fake asafoetida.Also Read – Asafoetida in Hindi (Hing) Health Benefits: Asafoetida is used as a medicine, know its amazing benefits for health

The color of real asafoetida is light brown. When put in hot ghee, it starts to swell and the color becomes light red. Also Read – Benefits Of Hing Water: Asafoetida water is not less than any panacea for health, there are many benefits of drinking it daily

By adding real asafetida in water, its color becomes white like milk. Also Read – The solution to every problem related to sex is hidden in this spice, if you eat it everyday, romance will increase …

– Real asafoetida burns easily when burnt, whereas fake asafetida does not catch fire quickly.

If you want to eat real asafetida, then instead of powder, buy a thick piece or lump of asafetida and grind it at home. Asafoetida powder is more adulterated, so it is also a little cheaper.


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