Postpartum Fitness Tips: Women with Obesity and Hormonal Impairments Should Add This After Delivery

Delivery Fitness Tips: Today we are going to tell you about some exercises that will reduce your obesity and not cause hormonal disorders. Let’s find out about those exercises-

New Delhi: Women often face obesity and hormonal disorders after delivery. Which makes women very upset. Speaking of obesity, women take many steps to reduce it, yet they get no relief. In that case, today we are going to tell you about a few exercises that will reduce your obesity and will not cause hormonal damage. Let’s find out about those exercises- Read more – Health Tips: Get up on New Year’s morning and do these things, you will always be healthy and happy

Cat cow Women should practice cats cows after delivery. To do this exercise, you need to sit in a cat or cow position. After delivery, this practice is considered very good. This results in weight loss. It also increases blood circulation in the body. Read more – Health Tips: These foods give the body instant energy, included in the diet today

Ustasana Ustrasan is most beneficial in reducing postpartum abdomen. Doing this regularly makes the body harder from the inside out. By doing this asana the body is oxidized. Read more – Health Tips: Of course, consume these things with hot water, you will get double health benefits.

Trigonasna Women should have Trigonasana after delivery. Also, it is the most simple and useful gesture for people suffering from obesity. Excess fat in your abdomen, waist, thighs and buttocks can be easily reduced by practicing trikonasana regularly.


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