Period has started during Navratri?  Keep these important things in mind, there will be health and confidence

Period has started during Navratri? Keep these important things in mind, there will be health and confidence


Duration of Navratri: Navratri has a special significance in Hinduism. This festival of strength, faith and belief is celebrated twice a year. This time Shardiya Navratri will start from Saturday 17th October to 25th October. In such a situation, during Navratri fasting, if you think that your period may have started or has started, then keep these important things in mind. With these things in mind, believe that you will have both faith and your health.

Do not fast during the period


If your period begins during fasting, do not fast. Women may experience problems such as dizziness, loss of appetite, weakness and constipation during menstruation. If you fast in such a situation, your problems may increase.

The place of devotion is universally accepted-

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Menstruation is a natural phenomenon in women, which occurs after 22 to 28 days per month in every woman. If you think your periods are about to start in the middle of Navratri, you should not fast. Remember, your devotion in the eyes of the mother is a bigger place than starving and hurting yourself.


Tell your partner-

Mood swings and mood swings are common during menstruation. However, if your period starts after taking the promise of fasting, instead of stressing yourself, now request your partner to keep Navratri fasting in your place.

Mother’s mind meditation

Meditation is recommended to reduce stress levels during periods. In such a situation, concentrate on making yourself beautiful with your mind at the center. By doing this you will also get the fruits of devotion and your stress level will also be reduced.

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Take full care of your diet

If you do not follow your diet properly during the period, it can put a huge burden on your health. This is why doctors recommend women to eat a nutritious diet during the period.



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