Nose Hair Ki wax Karne Ke Nuksan: Do you know that waxing your nose hair can cause paralysis, you can die

Nose Hair Ki wax Karne Ke Nuksan: Do you know that waxing nose hair can prove to be very dangerous for you.

Naak Ke Balon Ki Wax Karne Ke Nuksan: There are many people in such a way who also get the nose hair waxed. Such people do not like that their nose hairs have grown or that someone sees them. In such a situation, to avoid embarrassment, these people get nose wax (Kyu Nahi Karni Chahiye Naak Ke Baalon Ki Wax). But do you know that waxing your nose hair can prove to be very dangerous for you. In such a situation, let us know about the disadvantages of getting Naak Ke Balon Ki wax Karne Ke Nuksan waxed-

Know why nose hair should not be removed-

Let us tell you that the hair of the nose protects our body. They prevent dust and dirt from entering the nose. Due to this we do not get respiratory diseases. However, the nose hairs stick to the nostrils, which reduce the beauty of the face. But cutting them can cause you many big losses.

Breaking nose hair can cause these problems

The risk of infection Breaking or waxing your nose hairs can give you a serious infection. Once the hair follicles open up, all the bacteria, dirt and dust that lead to it start accumulating in the pores. This increases the risk of nasal infection.

May have paralysis- Breaking the hair of the nose can lead to infection of the blood vessels in the brain. If your immune system is weak, the risk of infection may increase. The vein supplying blood can cause an infection to clot and put pressure on the brain. This can paralyze the person and can even lead to death.

Damage to Danger Triangle – Starting from the upper part of the nose, if you connect both the corners of your lips, then it forms a triangle. This triangle is of the danger triangle of the face. This part is the special part around the eyes, nose and mouth which is very sensitive. Many important nerves of the body pass through these parts of the face, which also connect directly with the brain. The blood vessels that are in the part of this danger triangle are directly related to the blood vessels present near the brain. The skin around the eyes, nose and mouth is easily affected by skin infections and can take a dangerous form at times.


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