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Navratri 2020 Fasting Rules For the first time you are

Navratri 2020 Fasting Rules: For the first time you are fasting Navratri so keep these important things in mind, we will not feel weak


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Navratri 2020 fasting rules: If faith and belief are true, then there are no specific rules for worship. Anyone can worship the true God only with true devotion in mind. Navratri fasting has started from 17th October. In such a situation, there will be many people who will work from home, who have not fasted due to lack of time. However, this time they will also want to fast on Navratri because of the time. If you are on the list of such people, know these important things before fasting so that your health is not harmed by faith.

Keep yourself hydrated

Staying hydrated is very important for maintaining good health. In such a situation, if you fast for the first time, your responsibility towards yourself will increase. Drink water at once to keep yourself hydrated. In addition, continue to take food like juice and lassi.

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Nutritious food-

If you are fasting for the first time, do not include things like chips in your diet. Instead, eat nuts, walnuts, raisins. These things will fill your stomach quickly and your body will also gain energy instantly.

Take care of the diet


For the first time, if you plan to keep the full 9 fasts of Mother Queen, first prepare your diet plan. Choose healthy foods in your diet for long nine days of fasting. For this, you can take kuttu, sabudana and butter.

Keep the rules of rosary

People who fast for the first time should avoid taking the promise of waterless fasting. Doing so can harm your health because your body is not accustomed to fasting. Anhydrous rosa is very fast, you can feel the weakness by leaving it for the first time.

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The drink must include butter milk-

During fasting, not only water, you should also eat foods like buttermilk, juice, sherbet so that your body does not become dehydrated and you stay strong.

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