Mustard Seeds Face Pack: These small looking mustard seeds can do a lot of work for you, use them on the skin like this

Mustard Seeds Face Pack: Vitamins and anti-bacterial agents are found in mustard seeds which keep the skin hydrated.

Mustard Seeds Face Pack: Mustard is used in food. It is often used as a tempering. Along with health, the use of mustard seeds is also very beneficial for the skin. Mustard seeds (Sarson Ke Beej Ka Face Pack) are also used as a supplement in beauty products.

Mustard seeds (Sarson Ke Beej Ke Fayde) contain vitamins and anti-bacterial agents that keep the skin hydrated. In such a situation, let us know about the beauty benefits of mustard seeds-

Reduce oil from skin The use of mustard seeds is very beneficial for oily skin in the summer season. Mustard seeds act as a very effective exfoliator. You can use it as another scrub.

Reduce tanning In summer, the skin gets scorched due to dust, in such a situation, mustard seeds can help in reducing tan and freckles on the skin.

Remove infection Mustard seeds have anti-fungal properties, due to which it eliminates the acne-causing bacteria on the skin. To apply it on the face, make a paste of mustard seeds, mix 1 tsp coconut oil in it and apply it on the face.

Make a face pack of mustard seeds like this for glowing skin


– mustard seeds
– Curd
– honey
– corn flour
– Lemon juice


For this, mix mustard seeds, curd, lemon juice, honey and cornflour with a small amount of water. Now make a smooth paste. Then apply it on the face and let it dry for 20-25 minutes. Then, wash the face with clean water.


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