Multani Mitti Ke Fayde: You hardly know that apart from skin, Multani Mitti is also a boon for health, know its benefits

Multani Mitti Ke Fayde: We will tell you such benefits regarding health, about which you will be surprised to know.

Multani Mitti Ke Fayde: Multani mitti is commonly used as a beauty product. Multani mitti is very useful to get rid of all kinds of skin problems. But do you know that along with skin, Multani Mitti is also very beneficial for your health (Multani Mitti Health Benefits). Multani Mitti Ke Fayde contains elements like sodium, magnesium, calcium and hydrated aluminum silicate along with anti-oxidant properties. Today we will tell you such benefits regarding health, knowing about which you will be surprised.Also Read – Multani Mitti Side Effect: Multani Mitti takes care of the skin, so know how it is harmful for health

joint pain- Multani mitti can be very useful in joint and muscle pain. If applied with multani mitti on the painful area, it provides great relief in the problem of swelling, stiffness, joint or muscle pain etc. For this, make clay pulp with hot water. Then apply it warmly in the painful area while bearing it. Then tie the bandage. After 15 minutes, clean this soil by putting a towel in hot water. Then cover that place by tying some cloth etc. for some time.

Remove stomach irritation Multani mitti is also beneficial in removing stomach irritation and acidity. Soak multani mitti in water for about 3 to 4 hours. After this, make a bandage of this clay and keep it on the stomach. After about 15 minutes, clean the stomach with cold water.

Beneficial in improving blood circulationMultani mitti also improves blood circulation. Make a paste by adding water to multani mitti and apply it on any part of the body. When it dries, wipe it with a wet towel. By doing this, the blood circulation in the body improves.


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