Most people believe in giving cheating partner a second chance: Research


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In our country, the likes and dislikes of lovers on dating and their partners constantly change. Extra Marital dating app Gleiden has recently conducted a survey on Indian lovers in India to know this trend about lovers. This dating app has surveyed 1000 users ranging from 34 years to 49 years in their survey. People from Delhi-NCR, Mumbai Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Bengaluru participated in this survey of Extra Marital Dating App Gleiden.


Know what this survey says
In this survey, 72 percent people from different cities of the country have expressed their desire to meet with their partners online after the removal of the Corona virus ban. Many people involved in this survey have considered the infidelity of the partner as a major crime, these people said that if your partner is a fraud, then he cannot be forgiven at all. At the same time, there were many people in this survey who despite being cheated by their partner, were ready to build a relationship with him for the second time.

What does the report of gleiden app say?
Let us tell you that according to the report of this survey of Gleiden Dating App, ‘36.9 per cent of the people of the country were fully ready to forgive their partner unconditionally, even after cheating on their partner. While 40.1 percent of the people of this survey said that the reason for their cheating on that partner depends on whether they will forgive him or not. Whereas, about 23 percent of the people of this survey said that we cannot have any relationship with the partner after getting cheated.

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People became more practical than before
It has been said in the Gleiden app that today’s lifestyle has become such that people have become more practical than ever about their relationship and life. People do not want to carry on that relationship even if they do not have the desired relationship with their partner, they want to live a new life better than carrying this weight. In this survey, about 48 percent of the people believed that they give two at the same time Can love different people, while 44.5 percent people were completely against this.


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