Covid-19: Corona infection does not spread through newspapers, Dr. Harsh Vardhan assures people

Covid-19: Corona infection does not spread through newspapers, Dr. Harsh Vardhan assures people


Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said the newspapers were completely safe. These are not sources of coronavirus infection. He said this on social media during the dialogue on Sunday. He appealed to the public to follow the friendly behavior of Corona during the festive season to prevent infection.

Asked about the lack of enjoyment of reading newspapers with morning tea, Dr Harsh Vardhan assured that there was no scientific evidence to prove that the corona virus was spread by newspapers. Either he made it clear that it was completely safe to read the magazine even during the Covid-19 epidemic.

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Dr. Harsh Vardhan recently expressed his views on the severity of the Corona case in Kerala. Kerala is suffering from gross negligence during the Onam festival. When interstate travel was introduced in the state during the exposed period for activities like trade and tourism, the incidence of corona increased in different districts of the state.


The image of Kerala changed completely and the daily routine doubled. The Union Minister said that lessons should be learned from all the states that neglected to issue guidelines during the festive season.

Regarding China’s claim that the corona virus had spread to more than one country at the same time last year, Dr Harsh Vardhan said there was no evidence to substantiate the claim. However, China’s Wuhan still thinks it is the first case of corona in the world.

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Advice to buy FDI approved pulse oximeter

Responding to a question about the abundance of Chinese-made oximeters in the market, Dr Harsh Vardhan said that customers should look for FDA / CE approved products and ISO / IC specifications when buying pulse oximeters from the market or from online vendors.

However, he clarified that a decrease in oxygen levels is not a symptom of Covid-19, as it may be due to some other medical conditions. The Union Minister said that the second phase coroner package has been issued in the states. A total of 1352 crore rupees has been given.

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