Kaam Ki Baat: Don’t let the addiction of online gaming become a problem for the future of children, know what to do and what not to do

To be saved from the coming trouble, it is necessary to take care of many things.

Kaam Ki Baat: In the present era with the increasing scope of information technology, the tendency of children to play online games is increasing. Due to this many times children also get into trouble and also choose criminal path.Also Read – Kaam Ki Baat: Government cuts prices of 39 medicines, know about them…

To keep children away from the growing addiction of playing online games, and to be saved from the trouble to come, it is important to take care of many things. Also Read – Heart Problems: Living in a green environment reduces heart related diseases

The Cyber ​​Cell of Madhya Pradesh has given many instructions in this matter. Parents have been advised to keep an eye on the children. So that children do not go on the path of crime. Also Read – Desi Ghee Ke Fayde: You Know These 10 Amazing Benefits Of Eating Desi Ghee!

In the advisory issued by the state cyber cell, parents have been asked not to give mobiles to children if possible. Give mobile without SIM card for online classes, allow children to use internet with WiFi. Keep an eye on children’s online activity.

Enable Parental Control on Play Store in the mobile of all the family members. Do not tell the password to the children, do not allow children to do all kinds of transactions. As soon as the message of deducting money from the account comes, ask the children the reason for deducting money.
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