In the Corona era, the bride has to go to the beauty parlor, take care of these things, will not be infected

If the bride is going to be groomed and going to the parlor for bridal makeup, then take care of these special things to avoid infection.

Bridal Makeup Tips During Corona Pandemic: The country is struggling with the second wave of Corona, but the wedding season is also going on. At the wedding, the beauty parlor is also going to prepare the bride, that is, for bridal makeup. Before getting bridal makeup, you have to make a booking for it. By the way, in this era of corona, bridal makeup should be done at home. But the wedding day is very special for every girl, so she likes to get makeup done by going to the parlor at home. If you too are going to become a bride and are going to a parlor for bridal makeup, then take care of these special things to avoid infection. Also Read – Steam Inhalation: Is Steam Effective In Avoiding Corona? Shocking revelations in the study

Carry your own makeup kit

The bridal makeup kit is prepared before the wedding. But many of the make-up products, despite being in the kit, are often not the products that are used in the parlor. If possible, try to get your makeup done only through the products that are present. Otherwise, find out about them from the parlor and carry those makeup products in your makeup kit and take them to the parlor together. It will be prudent to bear this expense for your safety among the rest of the wedding expenses. Also Read – Healthy Parenting During Covid-19: Take care of children in Corona period in this way, know the answers to all the questions here

Carry makeup in the parlor

If you are going to the parlor to get ready for your wedding, then make a makeup kit with you. Many times, many makeup products are in the kit, but they are not the products that are often used in the parlor. You try to get your makeup done only through the products that you have. You find them in the parlor and take those makeup products along with your makeup kit. You may have to spend money for all this, but for your own safety, it would be wise to bear this expense. Also Read – Diabetes Main Haldi Ke Fayde: Diabetes patients should consume turmeric in this way, blood sugar level will be under control

Take sponge and makeup brush together

When you are going to the parlor to get ready, then take that sponge and makeup brush as well. If you do not have it, buy a new one or ask the beautician to use a new sponge and brush. It is sensible to spend some money for your safety. Also, you must take towels and hair brushes as well, because during the make-up in the parlor, towels are often required. Do not use parlor towels at all, otherwise you may get an infection. Use your own hair brush and comb as well.

Do this preparation

Before going to the parlor on your wedding day, you start some preparations, otherwise you will forget something at the last moment. There is a weekend lockdown in many states, in such a situation, you will not get many things later. Also take special care that you go to the parlor with a mask, globs and sanitizer with you.


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