Green Tea Pine Ka Sahi Tarika: If you drink green tea in the wrong way, you cause harm, while this is the right way

Green Tea Pine Ka Sahi Tarika: Many times people do not know the right way and time to drink green tea, due to which it can cause harm instead of benefit.

Green Tea Pine Ka Sahi Tarika: Many people consume green tea to lose weight. There are many types of green tea available in the market, which also have some flavors. The elements found in green tea give relief to the body from infection and inflammation. Anti-oxidants are found in green tea which increase the immunity of the body. The results of many recent research and studies have revealed that green tea is very effective in fighting cancer.Also Read – Tea For Lose Weight: Drink this special tea made at home, your weight will decrease very fast

But many times people do not know the right way and time to drink green tea, due to which it can harm instead of benefit. Let’s know its right time and way- Also Read – Green Tea For Weight Loss: Drink Green Tea To Lose Weight? Know here the right and wrong time to drink it

Right time and way to drink green tea

The right time to take green tea is before your workout. So, you should start your day with a cup of this herbal drink instead of coffee or tea containing caffeine and sugar. Although green tea also contains caffeine, its amount is much less than that of coffee. In addition, the presence of theanine in green tea is known to improve mood and enhance focus. People who are trying to lose weight should drink a cup of green tea every day before exercise to burn fat. Also Read – Weight Loss Diet: With the help of these foods, reduce your increasing weight, include it in your diet

These are the disadvantages of not drinking green tea at the right time

– Vomit
– upset stomach
– excessive urination
– lack of sleep
– gastric pain
– Abdominal pain


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