Fruits Eating Tips: Know why fruits should not be consumed after sunset, leave this habit today

Fruits Eating Tips: Eating fruits at this time can harm you instead of benefits.

Fruits Eating Tips: Fruits are very beneficial for our health. Everyone knows this thing. Fruits contain all the essential nutrients which are necessary for a healthy person. But do you know what is the right time to eat fruits (Fruits Khane Ka Sahi Samay)? Many people eat fruits in the evening or after dinner. Eating fruits at this time can harm you instead of benefits. In such a situation, let us know why fruits should not be consumed in the evening (Jane Kyu Nhi Karna Chahiye Sham Ke Samay Fruits Ka Sevan).Also Read – Health Tips: Do not forget to consume fruits on an empty stomach, these problems can happen

Let us tell you that fruits should always be eaten on an empty stomach so that it can be easily digested. Always avoid eating fruits before or just after eating them. Consume fruits either half an hour before the meal or at least one hour after eating the food, otherwise you may have problems related to digestion and acidity. Also Read – Vegetables and Fruits Export Hub: Varanasi and Amroha to become the hub of export of vegetables and fruits

Consumption of fruits in the morning is most beneficial for health and body, but there are some fruits which should always be avoided by eating empty stomach in the morning. Consuming citric ie citrus fruits on an empty stomach can increase acidity. Also Read – Inflation: Fire in edible oil, inflation of essential commodities including cereals, pulses increased the problems of common man

Fruits should not be eaten in the evening because the body’s metabolism slows down at this time. Fruits give you energy immediately after eating because they are simple carbs as well as direct sugar in it, and when the body’s metabolism slows down then simple carbs are not good for the body.

Choose fruits according to your taste. If you have a cold, do not eat more fruits like bananas, oranges, pineapples. On the other hand, if your effect is hot, then reduce the consumption of fruits like mango and papaya.


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