Fate Dudh Ke Pani Ka Night Serum: Do not throw away the water of torn milk, make a night serum from it, use it like this

Fate Dudh Ke Pani Ka Night Serum: Let’s know how to make night serum from torn milk

Fate Dudh Ke Pani Ka Night Serum: Milk is used in every household. Apart from health, milk also proves to be very good for the skin. Many times people throw it when milk bursts due to some reason. But don’t make such mistake. You can make paneer at home from cracked milk and its water can be of great use to you. Torn milk water (kaise banaye Fate Dudh Ke Pani Ka Night Serum) is considered very beneficial for the skin. Yes, you can make it a night serum with boiled milk water. Let’s know how to make night serum from torn milkAlso Read – Beauty Tips: Don’t throw away the torn milk, make a special face serum from it, this is the method

This is how to make Night Serum with torn milk (Fate Dudh Ke Pani Ka Night Serum Banane Ka Tarika)

For this, filter the torn milk and separate the water from it. Now add 1 teaspoon glycerin, a pinch of turmeric and a pinch of salt to this water. Mix all the ingredients well and fill it in a glass bottle and keep it in the fridge. Your night serum is ready.

How to Use Torn Milk Serum (Is Tarah Kare Serum Ka Istemal))

For this, wash the face with face wash and clean it. With the help of cotton, apply the serum lightly on the face. Massage it with light hands and spread it all over the face. Let it dry completely. You can also sleep by applying it overnight.

Benefits of cracked milk serum (Fate Dudh Ke Serum Ke Fayde)

It deeply nourishes the skin.
– Removes dead skin cells and improves skin tone.
Helps to remove blemishes, nail-acne, freckles, dark circles etc.
– Moisturizes the skin.


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