Makeup tips: oily, dry or normal! Early makeup tips for all skin types


If some basic things are not kept in mind while applying makeup, makeup can ruin your look. At the same time it makes your face look dull. In this case, it is important to know your skin before applying makeup. Three types of skin make-up for oily, dry or normal skin, some things are very important to remember. There are some similar tips that will help you do makeup.

Makeup for dry skin

Skin that stays dry in the summer and rainy seasons is more likely to dry out in the winter. To make your skin naturally healthy, make a pack before makeup. For a good make-up, wash your face after a while by mixing one teaspoon of multani soil cream and strawberry on your face. Apply a creamy base to your skin color. Remember, however, that it is very important to apply a light layer of powder to set it. This makes the base last longer. Apply a pink or peach shade cream based blush on the cheeks. To mix it well, a sponge should be used instead of a brush. Apply light creamy eyeshadow on the eyes and set with powder based eyeshadow on top. Vitamin E-rich lipsticks are currently the best.

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Makeup for normal skin

This season, even mild dryness is seen on this type of skin. To get rid of this dryness of the skin, make a paste by mixing half ripe banana, 1 teaspoon almond juice, half teaspoon honey and 2 teaspoons milk and apply it on your face. After a while, wash your face with warm water. To protect your skin from the cold wind, apply a colored moisturizer as a foundation. It makes the skin soft and shiny. For creamy cheeks, use a creamy blush if possible. It will hold the moisturizer done. Be sure to apply an eye-primer for a creamy look before applying eye makeup. Lip hydration is a must this season. Apply good quality lip balm on them, then apply creamy lipstick.

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Makeup for oily skin

This is a boon for oily skin this season. Their skin always shines healthier this season. She just needs to be groomed through makeup. Apply BB cream on the face to give such a skinless look. BB Cream is a suitable blend of foundation and moisturizer, which makes the skin tone smooth and moisturized as soon as it is applied. Apply mouse-based balloon on the cheeks, as it will turn into powder when applied and will not add any comfort to the face. Bright shades are eye-catching this season, so powder based eyeshadow with bright shades will be perfect for you. Refrain from using matte lipstick this season.

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