It is important to visit a corona beauty parlor, so follow these steps to avoid infection


Coronavirus Beauty Parlor Precautions: After about 6 months at home, life is slowly getting back on track as soon as the lockdown is removed. However, opening offices, markets, malls and saloons does not mean that the risk of infection is reduced. You still need to take care of things that can help keep you safe from infection when you leave the house. In such a situation if you want to go black in your white hair or long haircut parlor before going to the office, be sure to keep these precautions in mind. Let’s find out.

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Keep these things in mind when visiting a parlor in the Corona era

First of all, put your mask on when you leave the house. Also, carry a vial of sanitizer periodically to sanitize your hands.
– Take any service in the beauty parlor and use face mask while talking, do not remove it from your face at all.
– Do not touch anything present in the parlor. If you need to touch anything, use gloves to wear on your hands.
– Sanitize hands as soon as you touch something in the parlor.
When going to the salon, keep in mind that the parlor worker must have put a face shield on his face.
Before taking any service in the salon, make sure that the staff there are wearing face masks and gloves.
– Try to go to the parlor only when there is not too much traffic, make an appointment in advance.
– When cutting hair, keep in mind that parlor workers use disposable cloth or other materials instead of cloth.
– Maintain proper distance from the people present in the parlor.

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