Every third woman is struggling with ‘text neck’, knowing what it is that is taking away your beauty and health

Every third woman is struggling with ‘text neck’, knowing what it is that is taking away your beauty and health


Smartphone addiction is ruining women’s necks. Alam said three out of ten female users are trying to get rid of the ‘text neck’. A recent study by Britain’s top cosmetic manufacturer ‘Pre Beauty’ has said something like this.

According to the researchers, two-thirds of female users are experiencing unbearable pain in the neck and shoulders, while one-fourth are worried about getting a sore throat. However, 33 percent of women are more concerned about the groin than the pain.

Forty-two percent of women in the study agreed to increase the use of smartphones in the coronary artery. It has been revealed that he is running on a smartphone an average of 13 times in an hour. Two-thirds said they would have already started taking steps to keep themselves away from smartphones if they were aware that ‘text necklaces’ also develop itching along with neck pain. Twenty-five percent of women have started using expensive anti-aging creams to get rid of itching.

What is ‘Text Neck’ –

– When the user is standing or sitting in an upright position, the weight of his head is 4 and a half to 5 kg. But when he leans his head to read or read messages on smartphones, tablets and laptops, it doubles or triples.

Neck-shoulder pain

– A spinal cord injury center in New York was found in 2015 to reduce the weight of a curved head at an angle of 15 degrees to 12.3 kg and reduce it by 45 degrees to 22.3 kg. This puts extra pressure on the neck and spine. The user may not only experience unbearable pain, but may also experience some crawling in the area around the neck and shoulders.

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Don’t bend your head

Lead researcher Annie Tokar suggested working with the phone and tablet screen in the eye instead of tilting the head and reading or typing the message. Practicing right-left, up-down rotation after long-term use of the phone is also beneficial.

These five side effects are also being published
1. Smartphone Pinky

– When the thumbs are busy typing messages on the keyboard while chatting, the full weight of the smartphone and tablet falls on the finger. This causes the finger to slowly turn towards the palate. Experts call this stage ‘smartphone pink’.

Finger shape is bad

-After prolonged chatting on the smartphone, the pair around the thumb and finger becomes extra active.
– The cartilage present in them either develops around the enemy’s complaints or random bones.
In both cases, the size of the finger decreases, and the ability to comprehend and handle small and large tasks is reduced.


2. Keyboard nails

– Chat addiction can lead to numbness of the fingers, wrists, palate and veins. In medical parlance this condition is called ‘keyboard nails’. So, always hold the phone or tablet in one hand and type with the fingers of the other hand.

Release from a practice

– After a long chat spread both hands upwards, remember your hands should be towards the ceiling of the room.
Now try to bend the top of the finger continuously for 20 seconds, repeat this process five to ten times.

3. Cellphone elbow

– When you put the smartphone to the ear, there is extra pressure on the veins passing through the fingers and elbows. Blood flow can also be disrupted if the hands are tied in this position for a long time. This causes the user to feel unbearable pain and feel like tingling in the fingers.

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It is better to use earphones

Use earphones or a Bluetooth headset for long conversations on phones and tablets.

4. ‘Phantom Vibration Syndrome’

In this disease, the user’s phone vibrates or rings its bell. According to one estimate, seven out of ten smartphone users suffer from Phantom Vibration Syndrome. About 6 percent of sufferers suffer from this disorder once a week, and 13 percent suffer daily.

Keep distance from the phone while sleeping

When the phone is away, there is so much discomfort that people cannot handle any work or rest.
Do not place the phone while working at night or sleeping at night, turn it off if possible

5. Dry eye syndrome

– Looking at the screen reduces the glare rate of the eyelids by 33 percent. Due to this, there are not enough tears in the eyes. Tears are considered to be extremely important for protecting eye cells and retina from dust and dirt and contaminants.

Deadly for television

‘Dry eye syndrome’ being blamed for increasing vision loss in children and youth
Take the -20-20-20 rules. This is, after working 20 minutes on the screen, look at an object placed at a distance of 20 feet for 20 seconds.

Get rid of app addiction

Apps like Offtime, Moment, Breakfree, Updatex, Flip Focus and Study Timer, Steventask can be very helpful in getting rid of gadget addiction. They let the user know how long he has been standing in front of the screen. They sound the alarm at certain intervals and give the message to take a break. Some applications even turn off the phone itself.

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-33% are more concerned about wrinkling aging than pain.
-25% use expensive anti-aging creams to get rid of wrinkles.



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