Doodh Ke Sath Na Khaye Yeh Chize: If you consume these things with milk, you will be forced to sit in the toilet for hours

Doodh Ke Sath Na Khaye Yeh Chize: Consumption of some things with milk is considered very harmful.

Doodh Ke Sath Na Khaye Yeh Chize: Milk is considered rich in nutritional elements. Consumption of milk is considered very beneficial for health as well as bones. Consumption of some things with milk is considered very harmful. In such a situation, it can cause harm instead of benefit. Today we tell you that with milk (Doodh Ke Sath Kya Khaye Or Kya NahiWhich things should not be consumed.Also Read – Milk DIY Hacks: These Milk Hacks Will Give You Baby Soft Skin, Must Adopt Once

Milk and sour things- Consuming sour things, lemon, gooseberry, amla, tamarind or citric fruits with milk can cause vomiting or nausea. Due to this you can also have gas problem. Also Read – How To Check Milk Purity: How To Identify Real And Fake Milk By Sitting At Home, Follow These Simple Methods

Milk and non-veg Consuming non-veg with milk can prove to be very dangerous. This can lead to heaviness in the stomach and digestive problems. The effect of milk-curd is cold and non-veg is hot. In such a situation, consuming them together increases the risk of gas, allergies and skin diseases. Also Read – To increase immunity in this state, milk is being available for free, special facility to students from class 1 to 10

Milk and salt Salt should not be consumed with milk. Due to this, your risk of skin disease ringworm, itching, eczema, psoriasis increases.

Milk and Banana- Milk and banana should not be eaten together. Because it takes a long time to digest it. In such a situation, while consuming milk and banana, mix a pinch of cinnamon in the milk.


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