Don’t let the viral ‘Ghost Challenge’ get into trouble on social media, share thousands of videos in a few days


‘Ghost Challenge’ is becoming increasingly viral on social media. A huge number of teenagers are sharing videos of ghost costumes recorded on Twitter, Instagram and Tickets. However, in the wake of the ongoing ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement demanding equal rights for blacks around the world, critics strongly objected to the ‘Ghost Challenge’.

He says the teenagers wrapped in white sheets remind him of the ‘Ku Klux Klan’. The Ku Klux Klan was a white right-wing organization whose fighters marched in white. He was notorious for killing and torturing blacks. His panic was at its peak in the 1800s and 1900s. The trend of wearing white at Halloween parties in America has also stopped due to the resemblance of ‘Ku Klax Clan’.

Adolescents disguise themselves as ghosts with the help of white sheets

– In the video released under ‘#GhostPhotoshoot’, teenagers are wearing white sheets to disguise ghosts. To make the eyes look shameless, they are either making two holes in the sheets or wearing sunglasses over them and fishing in the fishing nets. The competition, which started in mid-September, features popular Jack Ohbar’s popular song ‘Oh-Klahoma’.

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The white dress is considered a symbol of organized racism

– Dr. David Cunningham, head of the Department of Sociology at the University of Washington, says white clothing is considered a symbol of ‘organized racism’. These have always been denied in civilized society. In 2016, a high school in Florida expelled three students wearing ghosts in a fancy-dress competition for wearing white.


Users are reacting strongly to Twitter and TickTalk

– Since the deaths of George Floyd and Brauna Taylor, U.S. police custody has been burning in the heat of the anti-apartheid movement. In such a situation, critics say that 2020 is not suitable for the ‘Ghost Challenge’. The videos released under it are reminiscent of ghost-com and ‘Ku Klux Klan’ fighters at first sight. Users who post such videos may be targeted by racist opponents.

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Note: –

It is important to have a detailed discussion of the history of caste / ethnic violence. In the absence of this, people unknowingly make mistakes that have a bad effect on society. ‘Ghost Challenge’ is such a mistake. : Dr. David Cunningham, Sociologist, University of Washington

Also beware of the ‘Benadril Challenge’ –

-American Food and Drug Authority recently instructed Titk to remove videos related to the ‘Benadril Challenge’. Under this challenge, adolescents are taking excessive amounts of bendril to experience the side effects of ‘hallucinations’. Three students who took part in the ‘Benadril Challenge’ in Texas, USA, have been hospitalized. News of the death of a student involved in the challenge has also been published in Oklahoma.

Single and Couple Deadly Challenges –

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-Gujarat Police has warned Facebook and Instagram users not to take part in the growing ‘Couple Challenge’, ‘Single Challenge’ and ‘Cute Girl Challenge’. According to officials, images posted under the ‘#’ sign appear on public platforms. Cybercriminals can defame and torture one of these images involving personal and family life. There have been several cases of blackmail in the past for taking pictures.



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