Day-Night Facebook Crawl Signs of Loneliness, Don’t Take These Five Signs Lightly

Are you checking your Facebook account day and night? Don’t sleep at night without chatting with friends on WhatsApp? If yes, don’t ignore these habits as an addiction to social habits. It is possible that you are struggling with the problem of loneliness, which makes you hollow inside. Psychiatrists at Arizona State University have made this claim based on their recent research. He has calculated four more features, which indicate the search for new friends. Let’s look at this

Do not take these five symptoms lightly
1. Social media addiction

The study, led by Corey Floyd, found that people often return to social media to fill the gaps of loved ones present in real life. However, this attempt to find happiness in the virtual world often falls behind. Compared to t he lives of others, he may suffer from violence, inferiority complex and even depression.

2. Frequent colds and flu

According to Floyd, people who suffer from loneliness are more likely to secrete the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone inhibits the production of immune cells, weakening the ability to fight other diseases, including colds. He further mentioned that a lonely person is always in danger. As a result, feelings of hope and excitement also diminish from life.

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3. Wounds do not heal quickly

– Anyone who struggles with isolation can complain of not healing wounds quickly. Indeed, the feeling of social isolation hinders the production of ‘growth hormone’. These hormones are considered important not only for the skin cells, but also for the production of veins that promote the healing process by ensuring blood flow to the injured area.

4. Sleep more or less

-If your position changes in the middle of the night or if you feel like sleeping all day, it is also a sign of loneliness. According to Floyd, the cortisol produced by feelings of loneliness interferes with the production of the sleep hormone ‘melatonin’. Not only that, some people start to get frustrated with life, which makes them always feel lazy.

5. Decreased appetite, obesity

-Floid said that the feeling of loneliness hinders the production of the hormone ‘leptin’, which awakens a feeling of contentment in the mind. Because of this the brain does not get the signal to fill the stomach and the person eats more food than is hungry. He added that in loneliness the mind is always surrounded by feelings of danger. For an emergency fight, there is no lack of energy, in which case the body begins to store fat.

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Loneliness is as deadly as burning 15 cigarettes a day
– The chances of premature death increase by 50 percent
(Source: American CDC Study)

What do you do

-Spend time with nature, find excuses to meet friends and family, don’t run away from strangers in the bus-metro-park, watch comedy movies, take time for yoga-spirituality, eat stuff like grape-chocolate


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