Covid-19 New Study: Half of the hospitalized Kovid-19 patients still have symptoms after one year, shocking revelations in research

In about half of those admitted to hospital due to Kovid-19, at least one symptom persists for a year after infection.

Covid-19 New Study: In about half of those admitted to hospital due to Kovid-19, at least one symptom persists for a year after infection. This fact has come to the fore in new research. The research results have been published in the journal Lancet.Also Read – Corona Update: 38,948 new cases arrived in the country today, more than 4 lakh 4 thousand active patients

The study was done on 1,276 patients in Wuhan, China. The study found that one in three people still had trouble breathing after 12 months. Whereas lung-related problems were also found in some seriously ill patients. Also Read – COVID19 Update: 42,766 new cases of corona arrived in the country today, more than 4.10 lakh active patients

The infected people were found to be less well than the people who were not infected with the corona virus. Professor Bin Cao of the Sino-Japan Friendship Hospital said, ‘Our study is based on the data provided in relation to the infected people admitted to the hospitals, getting sick after 12 months. Most of the patients made a complete recovery but some of the seriously ill patients continued to have health problems. Also Read – Positive News: Kovid patient had given up hope of living, doctors did such work as angels, everyone was surprised

The study findings suggest that some patients will take more than a year to recover. During the study, the data of those patients who were discharged from hospitals between January 7 and May 29, 2020, were analyzed.

These patients underwent detailed health check-ups about six and 12 months after their discharge from the hospital. Along with this, many types of questions were also asked to these people and different types of investigation were done. The average age of the patients involved in the study was 57 years.

Researchers said that the symptoms that patients had in the initial days of being infected with the corona virus gradually disappeared. However, at least one symptom was present in some patients.

The study revealed that fatigue, or muscle weakness, was the most common symptom. Even after six months of infection, people had to face such problems. At the same time, after a year, such a symptom was present in one out of five patients.

About a third of the patients complained of breathing difficulties after 12 months. These were patients who became seriously ill and needed ventilators.

The researchers said that after one year, compared to six months, the problem of restlessness and nervousness increased more than before in some patients.
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