Coronavirus: doctor corrects many corona patients with zinc and hot water, involves eating zinc to prevent virus

Coronavirus: Coronavirus, which started months ago, has taken a dangerous form all over the world. At the same time, the number of corona victims in India is constantly increasing (Coronaa Patients). At the same time, the most dangerous thing of Coronavirus is that no medicine has been made for its treatment. At the same time, many countries are engaged in making vaccines for its treatment. Meanwhile, a doctor from Kerala has adopted such a method to cure corona patients. Since which he has come in quite a lot of headlines. Doctor, this method is also becoming quite viral on social media.

7 corona patients cured with hot water and zinc

The name of this doctor from Kerala is PP Devan. Dr. Deven has been treating cold and cough for the past 30 years. By treating some corona patients of Dr. Devan with zinc and hot water, they have been cured. At the same time, the doctor says that with the help of hot water and zinc, you can protect yourself from corona. With this, the doctor told that if the zinc is in the right amount in the body, then no virus can make its impact in the body. The doctor has completely cured 7 corona patients in this way.

Drink warm water as soon as there is a sore throat

Doctor Deven says that corona virus or any kind of virus can be avoided if everyone includes zinc in their food. With this, the doctor told that if someone is feeling a little sore throat and is feeling tired. So immediately he starts drinking hot water. The water is also so hot that you start sweating as soon as you drink it. The body temperature also increases by 1-2 degrees.

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These things must be included in the diet

The doctor said that the biggest reason for the corona virus having such a bad effect is the food of the people. People’s food has changed a lot these days. If you include zinc in your diet, you can protect yourself from this dangerous virus. For this you can include melon, papaya, pineapple, walnut in your diet. All these things are rich in zinc. If you want, you can make papaya and watermelon seeds powder and eat it with rice. Or you can also eat some dark chocolate. Apart from this, you can also take zinc and iron tablets after consulting a doctor. Body requires Daily 40mg Zinc.

Zinc also has no side effects.


Along with this, the doctor said that more deaths are occurring in the elderly due to corona virus. The reason behind this is the lack of zinc in their body. If we give them zinc, it will benefit them. At the same time, zinc also has no side effects. People suffering from a chronic disease or BP patients can also take zinc. With this, the doctor told that it is better that if you do not take zinc through food, then you can also take medicines. Sometimes some people have difficulty digesting zinc tablets. For this, they can take zinc with rice or lemon. Through this, zinc is easily digested.

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Keep these things in mind

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– Avoid drinking tea. It is better to drink tea, heat milk and then add tea leaf and filter it and drink it soon.

– Use more lemon in food. Lemon absorbs iron zinc.

– Drink turmeric milk before bedtime. This will strengthen your immune system.

After eating, drink cumin in hot water.

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