Chawal Se Cancer Ka Khatra: Incorrectly cooked rice can increase the risk of cancer, know here what is the right way to cook it

Chawal Se Cancer Ka Khatra: The foods we eat today are full of chemicals.

Chawal Se Cancer Ka Khatra: Swan of rice is done in huge quantity in India. Rice is one of the staple food of India. Carbohydrate is found in rice which helps in pacifying the hunger. Rice (Aese Chawal Khane Se Ho Sakta Hai Cancer) is very easy to cook. But if rice is not cooked in the right way (Chawal Pakane Ka Sahi Tarika), then it can prove to be very dangerous for health.Also Read – Rice In Pressure Cooker: Do you also eat pressure cooked rice? So now it has become very important for you to know about these things.

As we know that the foods we eat today are full of chemicals. This means without knowing that you are consuming chemicals, and it can actually cause a lot of trouble in the future. Also Read – After eating rice in lunch, you also feel sleepy and lethargic? Know its cause and ways to avoid it

Know what the study says

According to a recent study conducted by Queen’s University Belfast in England, chemical fertilizers and insecticides are used to protect rice from insects and for good yields, which also has a dangerous effect on rice. It can also cause arsenic poisoning in many cases. Also Read – Micro Food Processing: Thousands will get employment through Micro Food Processing Scheme

You may have to face health problems by consuming these chemical-laden rice. At the same time, many other studies have also revealed that the risk of cancer also increases by consuming these chemical-rich rice. In such a situation, it is important that you cook the rice thoroughly before eating it.

According to a study by Queen’s University Belfast, the best way to get rid of arsenic from rice is to soak it in water overnight before cooking. Due to this, the toxins present in rice are reduced by 80 percent.


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