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30 May 2020 (Horoscope, 30 May 2020): Know, what has brought your day today. Is something new going to happen in your life? With which work are the stars of fortune giving What special mantra is there for the people of which zodiac sign, which will make all your work. What measures can you take to make your day a success. Our astrologer Dr. Arvind Tripathi is giving you all this information. So let us know today the horoscope of 30th May.

1 Aries

This is the time for these natives to think a little more carefully. Your negative thought may increase. Avoid negative thought. There is a need to implement your plans. Your mind will be happy due to your many important things in the family. You will contribute to all round progress. The family will move forward with your efforts. You will get benefit from mother, you will get benefit of land property. You will travel to a far country, do some new work, which will give you a lot of benefits. Obstacles will be removed, obstacles will end, progress will be paved.

Caution- Keep control of anger; Offer Hanumanji Bundi laddu today.

Auspicious number – 1

Good color – Red

Luck meter – 9

2 Taurus

Time is very good for the people of Taurus. The family will have auspicious work; the gardener will be in good condition. Diseases and enemies will be defeated, marriage life will improve, money will be provided by stopped work, mind will be happy with meeting friends. There are many tasks that will benefit you by having them.

Caution- Avoid speaking bitter.

Remedy – today you feed the fish.

Auspicious number – 2

Good color – white

Luck meter – 9

3 Gemini

All the work will be done with the power of self-confidence for the people of Gemini. The time has come to fulfill your ambitions. Financial benefits will be your best in an academic career. You can do new work by giving money and knowledge through learning, you will get benefit today. Avoid negative thoughts of the mind. Marital life will improve. There is a possibility of completing all the tasks.

Caution- Do not get into the words of others.

Remedy- feed green fodder to cow today, it will be beneficial to give grain and water to animal birds.

Auspicious number – 6

Good color – Green

Luck meter – 9

4 Cancer zodiac

Your honor will increase, plans will be successful. There will be development in the economic sector, the construction of house construction is being done. Will do big work in the field of education. You will get benefit from teaching. If you listen to your sixth sense, there can be bitterness in a little married life. There is a possibility of spending more than income. Parents will benefit.
And a lot of work is likely to happen.

Caution- Avoid doing any work in nervousness and rashness.

Remedy- Offer Belpatra and water to Lord Shiva.

Auspicious number – 3

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Good color – white

Luck Meter – 8

5 Leo

Today you will get new business opportunities. Honor is becoming the sum of respect. Bhumi Bhavan will get benefits, stalled money will be received. There is a possibility of getting benefit from the court. Man will be happy. Foreign travel is going on, you can go abroad for education.

Caution – Do not do any work in haste.

Remedy- Today you will worship Gayatri, it will be better for you

Auspicious number – 1

Good color – Red

Luck Meter – 8

6 Virgo

Time is very good for the natives of Virgo. You will get profit, business will progress. You will get all-round benefits, you will get the means of income. Stopped work will be completed. There will be sweetness in your own relationships. The mind will be cheerful after meeting old friends. The source of income will increase, your mind will be happy with a lot of work together. Father will get support, there is a tendency of complacency, your mind will be happy with this, think self.

Caution- It will be best to remove your negative thinking from your mind.

Remedy- Today you feed the sparrows, donate green peas.

Auspicious number – 9

Good color – C Green

7 Libra


Your morale will be high, your plans will be completed. Praval yoga is going to benefit money. Man will remain cheerful. Having many important tasks and the progress of the children, the mind will be happy. Wife will get support, married life will improve, real estate will benefit. Will benefit from mines. Today you will also get benefit from the government. Honor will increase in respect. A lot of work will be done simultaneously, and your plans will be successful. You will get big benefit in politics. Will travel to distant country. Some can also start new work. Job is the best time for professionals.

Caution- Keep in mind the sentiment. Do not make any emotional decisions.

Remedy- Today, you feed the ant as it comes.

Auspicious number – 7

Good color – blue.

Luck meter – 7

8 Scorpio

For Scorpio zodiac, you will get business benefits today. Your industry business is becoming the sum of expansion. Do not be under stress. There is a need to avoid this. Control anger. It would be beneficial to give time in the family. There will be any dispute going on at home, family will be resolved, unity will increase. You will get benefit in politics this year. You will get a lot of fame in creative work.

Caution- Control your spending. Avoid stress today.

Remedy- feed bread and jaggery to the cow today. And plant 1 plant, you will get benefit today.

Auspicious number – 8

Good color – Saffron

Luck Meter – 8

9 Sagittarius

You have to control your anger. You get a lot of anger. Keep the mind in mind, it will be best for you, then you will be able to control the anger.
Do not get stressed about small things. There is a need to keep the mind under control. Do not worry unnecessarily. Positive thinking will eliminate all your problems.
Many times you get more upset by going into negative thoughts. You try to be positive. Stopped work will be completed. There is also the possibility of buying land etc. The gardener condition will be strengthened. There is a chance of getting great success in the endeavor.

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Caution- Do not behave in such a manner that you feel bad.

Remedy – Donate yellow clothes to the temple today. Also donate food, it will be better for you.

Auspicious number – 9

Good color – Saffron

Luck Meter – 8

10 Capricorn

Keep the natives of Capricorn today in mind. You have to keep your position balanced. Do not worry unnecessarily, you get upset with small things. You have to avoid this today. May be worried about the health of the wife. Engage the mind in a positive direction. Doing business in a partnership can cause harm. There is a need to keep a control over speech, your sources of income will increase and money can be your unnecessary expenditure.

Caution- It will be beneficial for you to take the middle path.

Remedy- today you should light a mustard oil lamp in your house. Wipe at home with salt water, it will be good for you.

Auspicious number – 1

Good color – Black

Luck meter 8

11 Aquarius

Today, the people of Aquarius need to keep their mind under control. Income sources will increase, may be worried for some unknown reason. Luck will do all the work. Today you will get a big benefit from luck. Children will be very good. Your expenses will increase, the mind may be a little excited today. Spending may increase. The situation will remain tense due to expenditure, there is a possibility of ideological differences with father.

Caution – Do not do business partnership. Damage may occur.

Remedy- today plant 3 plants with your hand, feed the flour to the ant.

Auspicious number – 9

Good color – white

Luck meter – 7

12 Pisces

It is very good for the people of Pisces zodiac sign to keep up in their field of work. You will get big benefits. Honor will increase in respect. There will be an opportunity to do new business.
Home building is the sum, the mind will be happy with the tendency of extreme satisfaction. There will be concern about the health of anyone. The means of income will increase, all the work will be done by luck. Today, you are likely to get benefit from the government from the government. All the schemes will be successful for you. Your fame will increase in society.

Precautions – It is good to think positively. It would be best to sacrifice laziness.

Remedy- Offer red flowers, red axes and water to Lord Sun.

Auspicious number – 3

Good color – yellow

Luck Meter – 8


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