Horoscope October 18 People born in the sign of the

Horoscope October 18: People born in the sign of the zodiac do not make any big decisions on their own, luck can be created for Aquarius, find out the status of other zodiac signs

Planetary locationRahu is in Taurus. Venus is in Leo. Sun, Mercury and Moon are in the zodiac. The sun has become less from today. Ketu is in Scorpio. Ketu is in Scorpio. Guru is in Sagittarius. Saturn is in Capricorn. Mars is transporting in Pisces. It is noteworthy that Mars and Mercury are lagging behind. Those who are inferior to the sun will live about a month. Venus transits to Leo. Soon, these will also go down, the combination that will be formed in the Virgo zodiac is below and below the Sun Venus i.e. the position of the planet has deteriorated again. Today Mars, Mercury are retrograde and the sun is down. Not too long but bad times have started. Great care must be taken in each case. That is the state, government business, official position. The immunity that the sun gives you is the most important. The first rays of the sun reduce the amount of nutrients, vitamins and their nutritional value, so it is very important to be especially careful in terms of health.

Aries –
The situation is not good physically and mentally. Panchamesh is the bottom and Lagnesh Bhakri. Your destiny is good, so destiny will continue to work. The wife needs attention. You need to take care of your health. There may be fights between boyfriend and girlfriend. To see it. Give water to the sun god. Place the red item nearby.

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TaurusThe situation has been somewhat positive. You will influence government machinery. Opponents will be defeated. Something to learn. Health is good, love is not good, your business is going well. Donate yellow objects

Gemini-Concentrate on health. The state of love is good. You are doing well in terms of business. Don’t be carried away by the decision. Do not fight in love, worship mother Kali.

Cancer-The situation is not going well at all. Health is impaired. May cause chest disorder. Wise will not work. Love will be aggressive, business situations are confusing. Worship Shiva uninterruptedly. Recite Hanuman Chalisa. God will support you

Lion-Stay strong will take you forward. The physical condition has deteriorated. The mood is OK. The state of love is fine. Just focus on your health. Keep giving water to the sun god and keep a thing made of copper nearby.

Daughter-The condition of the body will not be told. A little defense has been weakened but the mind will support. The state of love will be fine. You are also doing well in terms of business. There is a need to focus on health. Give water to the sun god. Place a green object nearby.

Libra-Crossover will not support intelligence, so we will have a little patience. Let’s listen to your loved one. Don’t make big decisions on your own. Health is good, love is good. Business is also good. Give water to the sun god. Mother Kali Puja.

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ScorpioConcerns are being raised. You may get some notice from those in power or you may get some kind of bad situation. Health is also fine. Love and business will be good for you. Keep the yellow object close.

SagittariusThe economic situation will be stronger. However, some misleading news can be found. You are doing well too. Move in the slightest adjustment that love is not good at all. Recite Bajrang Ban.

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Capricorn-There will be support from the ruling party. Obviously there will be no way. There will be confusion. There will also be some confusion about the father’s health. Give water to the sun god. Donate copperplate.

Aquarius-Fortunately something good can happen. Your position is even better. Health is good. Love is the medium to the best in business. Worship Ganesha. Donate copperplate.

PiscesDon’t bother at all with the power of crossover administration. Health is good Love medium business will be called fair. Give water to the sun god. Donate white things.

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