Horoscope, 22 June 2020: Know how your day will be today, read the horoscope of 22 June


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22 June 2020 (Horoscope, 22 June 2020): Know, what has brought your day today. Is something new going to happen in your life? With which work are the stars of fortune giving What special mantra is there for the people of which zodiac sign, which will make all your work. What measures can you take to make your day a success. Our astrologer Dr. Arvind Tripathi is giving you all this information. So let’s know today the horoscope of 22 June.

1. Aries Horoscope Today

Keep your relationship with your friends and family relatives sweet and you should take the initiative for this. In the middle of the month, your relationship will improve. You will be able to beat the enemies easily. Children will have to face some problems, but keep in mind, treat them with love, do not get angry. Everything is good in your love life. At the same time, professional life is also showing progress.

Remedy- Worship Mangal Yantra. To remove the ill effects of Shani, light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree to please Shani Dev.

2. Taurus Horoscope Today

You will be blessed with happiness and prosperity this month. If you belong to technical background, then your savings will increase. Software engineers will benefit more this month. They will be appreciated for their talent. Jupiter is with you so that your luck will shine and money will come. You will also get better with friends and relatives.

Remedy- To keep a check on your expenses, chant this mantra- ां Kran Krani Kraःःa: Bhumaye Namah.

3. Gemini Horoscope Today

You will focus on achieving your goal on time. Your expenses will increase even if the financial situation is weak. This will also affect your savings. You can invest in the stock market in the middle of the month. You will get benefit in this. You will perform well in administrative work. You can consult experienced people while planning. Keep in mind that do not talk rudely with your team members, this will negatively affect your image.

Remedy- Install Shani Yantra and worship it daily.

4. Cancer Horoscope Today

You will face some obstacles in work this month, but during this time you will work more than your capacity. You can also shift to other cities this month for work. This is a good time to reap the fruits of past deeds done by you. All your small plans will be successful this month. This month will be good for you. Hard work will play an important role in your success.

Remedy- Donate things related to Ketu. You can donate white and black things according to your ability.

5. Leo Horoscope Today

Your relationships will be established with intellectual people. You will try to improve your commitment. Donate to the needy. This will give you mental satisfaction. You will get relief from the pain of any previous injury. Do not fall into any trap etc. and give full respect to your father. Some negative thoughts will come in your mind and heart, in which case your efforts should be to not let those thoughts dominate you.

Remedy- To overcome the problems, worship Lord Bhairav. This will also clear your confusion.

6. Virgo Horoscope Today

You will get mixed results this month. Use your intellectual abilities to make a career. Observe your inner power. The enemy is looking to harm you this month. Be happy, the stars of luck are high. If you are making up your mind to make a job, then take full advantage of this opportunity. Try to solve all the issues related to the job, because later on you may face obstacles in completing it.

Remedy- Wearing a single Rudraksha will remove all your obstacles. It is considered to be a very effective and resultant rudraksha. Wearing it will give you mental peace, financial and health benefits.


7. Libra Horoscope Today

December will be pleasant for students. The natives of this zodiac will get the support of students associated with the technical field. You may be friends with someone living abroad. However, this time will not be good for family life. One can meet relatives and friends this month, as well as short distance travel is also possible.

Remedy- Wear three Mukhi Rudraksha on Tuesday. Wash feet before sleeping, do not sleep with the feet facing south. Follow these advice and have a good sleep.

8. Scorpio Horoscope Today

According to the movement of planets in Scorpio, this month will not be good for father-son relationship. Some unsolicited events may occur. You will have to work hard to get success, luck will not support you. Relationships with the father will improve at the end of the month. Mars is traveling in the fourth house of your zodiac sign, due to which tension will arise in relationships with wife and mother.

Remedy- At this time, Saturn is seven and a half on your zodiac sign, so keep a fast every Tuesday and read Bajrang Baan. Wear a horseshoe ring. Distribute Bundi ladoos and donate gold and money.

9. Sagittarius Horoscope Today

The month of December can bring some problems for Sagittarius people. You will need to work hard this month. You can think about changing your job. This time is very good for making long plans. You will get the fruits of your seriousness, passion and ambition. Differences can arise in married life. If you are dating someone, then this is a great time for you.

Remedy- Eat light and balanced diet, avoid alcohol consumption and bad company.

10. Capricorn Horoscope Today

The month of December will be in favor of Capricorn people associated with the technical field. You will make new friends and these friends will help you to move forward in life. There may be a dispute with neighbors or relatives. Travel is also being made. You can go to any place of pilgrimage with family. Spend good time with your loved one. Children will give you many reasons to smile. In the middle of the month, you may have to test your patience and patience.

Remedy- To maintain peace and harmony, chant the Gayatri Mantra. Wake up early in the morning and worship Lord Vishnu, happiness and prosperity will be achieved.

11. Aquarius Horoscope Today

The month of December will bring unexpected things for Aquarius people. Instead of relying on luck, accomplish goals through hard work. Apart from work and business, you may also face difficult times in the family. Regardless of what happens, act peacefully and wisely. Which will help you to resolve these issues. This month, yoga is going to go to the place of pilgrimage.

Remedy- Keep a fast on Tuesday and recite Bajrang Baan, which will relieve your suffering. Join the religious program and donate.

12 Pisces (Horoscope Today)

This month you will get an opportunity to play an important role in an important project, so try to do better and impress seniors with your work. Can show interest in art, music and literature. Be careful about your image, because someone can try to accuse you wrongly. Issues related to property can affect mental health. Do not travel unnecessarily.

Remedy- To overcome the malefic effects of Saturn, worship Shani Dev. Donate items of iron and offer mustard oil on peepal tree every Saturday.

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