Why was Sonu Sood removed from the movie poster? The actor himself explained the reason

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, the issue of nepotism has come up again in the film world. Many stars have spoken openly about this. Actor Sonu Sood has reacted to his nephew. He said he too faced bias early in his career. They were removed from the movie posters.

In an interview with Zee News, Sonu Sood said, ‘I am not from the film family. When I entered the industry, there were a lot of movies whose posters I should have had but I was removed. There are only two ways in such a situation, either I can complain about not being on the poster, cutting the roll, or by working hard I become qualified that people say I deserve to be on the poster.

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The actor further said that whoever has the ability will always use it. Be it Bollywood, Corporate World or Clothing Store. Strong people will always try to suppress the people below. In such a situation you need your strength to overcome it.

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Recently, Sonu Sood Kangana Ranaut’s picture Manikarnika has given reasons for leaving. Please say that Sonu shot more than half of this film, but then he left the film. In a recent interview, Sonu said, ‘Kangana has been my friend for years and I did not want to hurt her feelings. When we were shooting a big and important part of Manikarnika, I asked the first director of the film to start the shoot again, so he said he got the mail that he is no longer part of this project.

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Sonu said, ‘Kangana said that she wants to direct the film and she needs my support. I said okay, but we have to bring back the previous director because he worked so hard for the film. However, Kangana did not agree that he would manage. After that I saw that 80 percent of my scenes were cut from the movie and the description of the scene I gave is not there. I then talked to Kangana and she said she wanted to shoot him the same way. But I don’t feel comfortable with the way I was shot. I said I signed the film before because of the script and the director, but now I want to get out of this film and I won’t talk about it.

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