What did Mallika Sherawat say about ‘Nakaab’ producer Ekta Kapoor?

It is all set to release on MX Player on 15th September.

Actress Mallika Sherawat, who plays a prominent and influential TV producer “Zohra Mehra” in the web show “Naqab”, says she can relate to the strength of her character. He also talked about his perspective on this character being compared with the famous TV actress Ekta Kapoor. When asked about this, Mallika says, “I have a lot of respect for Ekta and everything that she has always achieved in a male dominated industry. My character Zohra is a really strong character and I can totally relate to that. I started from scratch and worked hard to get to where I am today.”Also Read – After Mallika Sherawat’s loose arm hole, people trolled Genelia D’Souza, what is the kitchen cloth?

She adds, “All I can say is that it took a lot of perseverance to make it on my own. As a single woman, it was tough, there are hurdles that you can’t imagine you’ll ever be able to overcome but eventually you get your way.” Also Read – Mallika Sherawat is becoming a victim of Oops Moment again and again, this time the dress slipped so low that people spoke…

Mallika Sherawat, Gautam Rode and Esha Gupta's 'Nakaab' Investigates The Death of a TV Actor |  Watch Trailer

Mallika Sherawat, Gautam Rode and Esha Gupta’s ‘Nakaab’ Investigates The Death of a TV Actor | Watch Trailer

‘Nakaab’ revolves around cop Aditi Amre (Esha Gupta), who is assigned the case of the high-profile death of Vibha Dutta (Ankita Chakraborty), a prime-time television actress who is very close to Zohra Mehra (Mallika Sherawat). was close. After this case, Aditi’s dreary life turns when she starts revealing complex details about the case. As Aditi embarks on this journey with her senior, Pawan Bisht (Gautam Rode), she discovers a part of her personality that she never knew existed within her. Also Read – Ekta Kapoor was so positive, seeing the girls, got beaten up with sandals and then…

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Directed by Soumik Sen, the film stars Esha Gupta, Gautam Rode, Mallika Sherawat and Ankita Chakraborty. It is all set to release on MX Player on 15th September.


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