War of words between Kangana Ranaut and Marmila Matandkar intensifies, ‘Great War’ continues on Twitter

When Kangana asked Mmila where the Rs 3 crore for her new office came from …

New Delhi: The fight on social media between Urmila Matandkar and Kangana Ranaut intensified when Kangana asked Urmila where the three crore rupees for her new office came from? In a video clip, Urmila said she would be able to prove that she bought the property legally. Read more – crore Ramila Matondkar bought 3 crore new offices, Kangana Ranaut said – ‘I wish I was as smart as you’

Urmila says: Hello Kangana Jit. The whole country has heard your opinion about me. Today I want to let you know in front of the whole country that I am ready to provide documents at any time and place of your choice. These documents include documents for a flat I bought in Andheri in 2011, which I acquired after 25 to 30 years of hard work. I sold the flat in the first week of March and I have enough documents to prove it. I bought a new office with the same money and I have the documents. Read more – Kangana targets Shiv Sena, says – Mahabinswari government has wrongly accused, there will be fight in High Court

Your government gave you Y-Plus protection because you told them you had a list named NCB. The race is waiting for your list. The nation is going through a difficult phase and we need to fight drugs. Therefore, I want you to compile that list when you arrive. Urmila finished her video message and said, I am waiting for your reply. By then Joy Hind, Joy Maharashtra and Ganapati Bappa were desperate.

Urmila’s video was in response to Kangana’s first day’s tweet, in which she said, “Dear Urmila, the Congress that I have built a house on my own is also breaking Congress. Really, only 25-30 cases have been handed over to me to please the BJP. I hope I could have been as intelligent as you and made Congress happy. I was so stupid that Urmila, who had lost the election on a Congress ticket before, joined the Shiv Sena in December last year. His fight with Kangana has intensified in the last few months.


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