Veteran actress Savita Bajaj was fascinated by Pai-Pi, said – in old age, the family members left together, there is no money for treatment

Veteran actress Savita Bajaj, who has acted in films like Bollywood film ‘Nishant’, ‘Najrana’, ‘Beta Ho To Aisa’, is struggling with financial crisis. Not only this, they do not even have money for the treatment of their disease. All his deposits have been exhausted and now he is fascinated by pie. Increasing diseases with age have increased their concern. All these things have been told during an interview in 79-year-old Savita Bajaj.

Savita Bajaj has worked in more than 50 films

Let us tell you that veteran actress Savita has been a part of more than 50 films till now. Apart from this, she has also worked in serials like ‘Nukkad’, ‘Mayka’ and ‘Kavach’. Savita has been an alumnus of the National School of Drama. Three months ago, the actress became a victim of Kovid-19, due to which she had to stay in the hospital for 22 days. Recently, she was having trouble breathing, after which she was admitted to the hospital again.

no money for treatment

In the interview of Times of India, Savita Bajaj has talked about her financial constraints. She told during this time, “I am going through financial crisis these days. Now I do not have money left to get my treatment. All my money has already been spent on treatment. After recovering from a disease, now breath. I don’t know how I will arrange money and how I will be able to live.

Willing to work but troubled due to illness

Savita further explains her condition and says, “CINTAA and Writers’ Association helped me with one lakh rupees in 2016. At that time I was hospitalized due to accident. CINTAA also gave me 50 thousand rupees. I got this money. I want to give back to them but can not work in view of my health.She further says that even though I am sick but I want to work, but how to do, I do not understand.

family members left

During the interview, Savita told that she has been in her home town Delhi for about 25 years. There is no one to take care of him as his family has left him before. She says there is no facility for senior artist. Those who are unable to work due to health problems are not being provided any facilities. However, I want to have an ashram for the elderly artists, where they can live. I live in one room and kitchen in Malad in Mumbai. 7,000 for his rent. I do not want to ask for money, but now it is becoming very difficult to survive.


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