Urmila Matondkar bought an office in Mumbai for Rs 3 crore, Kangana was tough, said – I hope I am as smart as you

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is in the headlines for her offensive remarks. He has been targeting celebrities on many issues. Now he has attacked Urmila Matondkar again. In fact, Urmila is said to have bought a property for her office in Mumbai after joining the political party Shiv Sena. The price is said to be three crore rupees. Reacting to this, Kangana said that I hope I am as smart as you.

Kangana Ranaut tweeted, “Dear Urmila Matondkar, I have built a house with my own hard work, Congress is also collapsing. True, only 25-30 cases have been started to please BJP. I wish I was as intelligent as you, please Congress I would say, how stupid I am, no? ‘

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Let me tell you that last year there was a deadly fight between Kangana and Marmila on Twitter. Kangana even called Urmila a soft porn star. In response, Marmila said that the names of drug addicts in the industry should be Kangna. If Kangana does this, I will be the first woman to ‘thumb up’ for this information. You have to decide, do you have to constantly play the victim card and repeatedly say that I am a victim, a victim, a victim? If Kangana knew everything, why did she remain silent before, why is she talking now?

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Besides, Urmila targeted Kangana on the issue of drugs. He said Kangana’s hometown Himachal is a stronghold of drugs and from there their fight should start. He added that there was no need for everyone to shout and tell the truth.


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