TV’s Anupama alias Rupali Ganguly was also a victim of Corona, the actress said ‘Yeh ki hua ke hua’

TV’s Anupama alias Rupali Ganguly was also a victim of Corona, the actress said ‘Yeh ki hua ke hua’

Anupama’s actor Rupali Ganguly gets Kovid-19: Rupali Ganguly, the main character of TV’s number one show Anupama, has been found in a positive condition.

Anupama’s actor Rupali Ganguly got Kavid-19: Corona is spreading in many parts of India and its greatest impact is on Mumbai. Corona has caught many Bollywood and TV stars so far. Alia Bhatt was caught by Corona today, bad news is coming for the fans of Rupali Ganguly, the lead actress of the famous Star Plus show ‘Anupama’, in fact, the actress has fallen in love with Corona and they have given this information through social media. Read more – Yeh Rishta Keya Kehlata Hai 2nd April 2021 Written Update: Goanka family ready for Sirat and Karthik’s wedding, this special plan is being prepared

Rupali Ganguly, the protagonist of TV’s number one show Anupama, was found positive on Friday morning. Please say that Rupali has played the main character i.e. Anupama (Anupama) in the show. Anupama herself has given information about this on her social media. He wrote, ‘What happened, how did it happen when?’ Leave it at that, you don’t ask, it’s not as positive as I wanted. Everyone should take care of themselves and show love for their incomparable. I don’t know how it is. My family has also been tested, everyone is waiting for the results. Read more – Shubh B’d Kapil Sharma: Kapil spent his days in extreme poverty, worked in PCO … sold at noon, now owns crores

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Talking about Anupama show, Ashish also looked positive a few days ago and Rupali’s report came today. It is said that there is no special character in silver. According to sources, other members of Anupam’s team have also been tested for corona, awaiting their report. Let’s find out a few days ago, Anupama’s second son Pars Kalnabhat was also seen positively on the show, he is currently in a state of isolation.


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