Trailer: The movie ‘Chhoti Gudge – Little Love’: Yash Kumar-Nidhi Jha’s chemistry is very tickling;

Bhojpuri Film Thoda Gussa Thoda Pyaar Trailer Yash Kumar and Lulia Girl Nidhi Jha The trailer of the comedy film Chhoti Angur – Chhoti Pyaar has been released on Zee Music Bhojpuri

Bhojpuri Film Thoda Gussa Thoda Pyaar Trailer The trailer of Yash Kumar and Lulia Girl Nidhi Jha starrer comedy film ‘Chhoti Angad – Chhoti Pyaar’ in Bhojpuri cinema has been released on Zee Music Bhojpuri, in which the buzz between Ras Bihari and Radhika Tiwari is very funny. Yash Kumar Ras Bihari plays the role of a landlord and Nidhi Jha plays Radhika Tiwari, who is a Bachelor Female Renter, in the story of the relationship between the landlord and a Bachelor female renter. Also Read – Shahid Kapoor’s ‘stepfather’ has no money to spend on food, wife says- Savings was over in two years

Yash and Nidhi’s chemistry looks very entertaining. The trailer of this comedy genre is also going viral upon release, because if you also watch this trailer, you will not be able to stop laughing. Famous comedian Rohit Singh Matru, who specializes in his fun in the trailer of the film, has also entertained a lot. The songs and music of the film are also excellent. This film is very family, as are the films of Yash Kumar. You will be able to watch this film with all your family. Also Read – anecdote: Salman’s injured heart from Sangita Bijlani to Aishwarya, troubled father Salim Khan said this

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Let us tell you that Yash Kumar is such an artist of the industry, whose frequent variations are seen in films. He is so adept at making content-oriented films that every one of his films awaits at the Bhojpuri box office. Continuing the same, the trailer of Yash Kumar’s new comedy film ‘Chhoti Angad, Chhoti Pyaar’ has arrived, which people are also liking.

Let us tell you that the producer of the film Yash Kumar Entertainment presented by Yash Kumar Entertainment is Yash Kumar Entertainment and Director Sujit Verma. The story and screenplay of the film is by SK Chauhan. PRO Ranjan Sinha- ​​Sarvesh Kashyap is. Dialogue is by SK Chauhan and Sandeep Kushwaha, music by Munna Dubey, lyrics by Rajesh Mishra, cinematography by Jahangir. The film stars Yash Kumar, Nidhi Jha, Mahesh Acharya, Radhey Kumar, Matru, Pushpa Verma, Shraddha Naval, Babita Thakur, Kajal Singh, Manoj Mohani, Shravan Tiwari, and Anjana Singh in a special role. Action producer Heera Yadav, dance Praveen Cellar and Mahesh Acharya Kala Anjani Tiwari are executive producers Monu Upadhyay.


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