The director, who was once surrounded by movie stars, is now selling vegetables in a handcart in UP village

How fate changes a girl child, some say, asked Rambraksh, who has been the director of many TV serials like Sujata. Rambraksh, who has always been among the film stars and artists, is selling vegetables in a handcart in Azamgarh, UP today to raise a family. Looking at the ordinary-looking Rambrakshmi, you can’t imagine that the greatest TV artist would dance in any of his gestures.

Village locked due to lockout:

Ramviksha lives in Mumbai anyway. However, his library is here in Azamgarh. She came to the village of Holi with her child. There was a lockdown before Rambraksh returned. After waiting for two months, the situation did not return to normal, so he was forced to set up a vegetable shop with his eleven-year-old son.

Established in Mumbai for eighteen years

Originally a resident of Farhabad in Nizamabad, the father of forty-year-old Rambraksh is a vegetable trader. Rambrakshi arrived in Mumbai in 2002 with the help and inspiration of his friend Nizamabad writer Shahnawaz Khan. Before that he worked in the light department. After that, luck in many more sections in TV production. Gradually the experience began to grow. Meanwhile, there was an opportunity in the direction section. Then what was the direction of Rambraksh management. After that he did not have to look back. Many serials started as an assistant director in production at first. After that in many serials the director of episodes started working as unit director, unit director and set new heights. Meanwhile, he also bought a one-room flat there. Life was on track but everything stopped in lockdown.

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Work done for these serials

Apart from this name, Rambikrasha has acted as the unit director in more than 50 episodes of Balika Badhur. Yashpal Sharma, Milind Gunaji, Rajpal Yadav, Randeep Huda, Sunil Sethi played supporting roles with the film directors. For the coming days, with Rambraksh working on Bhojpuri and a Hindi film, he said that now he is concentrating on it.

The monthly income was one to one and a half lakh rupees:

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TV serial director Ramvriksh Gond said there is a lot of uncertainty in the TV industry. My work was good though. There was a lot of work. If the work was done, according to the production house, he would earn sixty thousand to one and a half lakh rupees a month. Now I earn barely twenty thousand in vegetable work. This job is not new to me, it is work in my family. This is what I used to do before going to Mumbai. The work is not small or big. I’m happy. I will return to the same world again if the situation in Mumbai improves.

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