‘Ishqbaaz’ actress Nishi Singh Vadli paralyzed, husband demands money


Senior actress Nishi Singh Vadli, who has acted in shows like Ishqbaaz and Kubul Hai, is battling paralysis. Nishi’s husband actor and writer Sanjay Singh Vadli has appealed for help for the treatment of the actress. Speaking to the Times of India, Sanjay said, “He had a stroke in 2012 after which he was taken to hospital and he could not identify anyone for 7 days. We then brought them home. His condition was getting better than before, but then the left side of his body was paralyzed during the defense this year. They always need someone to help them right now. “


When Sanjay was asked why he is seeking help now, he said, “Nishi’s condition is better now than before, but we need money for his treatment. All our savings have been exhausted in the last 2 years. What was there is gone. Even we I have mortgaged the house. ‘

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Sanjay further said, ‘We cannot rely on our family because their family is not financially strong and my family has ended all relationship with me. We are going through difficult times and we need help. ‘

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Please say that Nishi and Sanjay have two children, their 19-year-old son lives in their grandparents’ house in Delhi and they have a 16-year-old daughter with them. Sanjay is still taking care of Nishi because his daughter is young and because of this he is not able to do any other work.

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